Cool Music For you While You’re Working

Music can help concentrate and I do enjoy to listening to calm music while working

Let me know if you have any other fav music list 

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How To Add CSS Code In MU Plugin

A must-use plugin (also called a ‘mu-plugin’) is a plugin that will always be activated by default, without you needing to do it yourself. To activate a mu-plugin, you just have to upload it in the right directory, and WordPress will automatically know that this plugin must be used. Moreover, a mu-plugin cannot be deactivated: it will always be executed, unless it is uninstalled.

Originally, mu-plugins were only available for WPMU, for those sites which used multiple (multisite) blogs. Back then, a mu-plugin was just a plugin activated for all blogs.

Fun fact, that the WordPress is loading mu-plugins in alphabetical order, before normal plugins.

All mu-plugins must be placed at wp-content/mu-plugins by default, in case /mu-plugins/ folder is not there, feel free to create it.

Add CSS code in mu-plugin

Create a file named style.php and add the following code inside.

add_action( 'wp_head', function() {

} );

Add your CSS code between





Fell free to comment bellow if you have something new to add 🙂


Girl Post: How to Be Clean While Working From Home And Not Falling Into A Depression

Admit it, girl, working from home is a blessing for us women. Working from home is both awesome and horrible. The awesome staff is a flexible schedule the bad thing is that sometimes we relax for a long period, doesn’t change our pajamas and don’t care about taking a shower since we are not going anywhere. Being like that for some period make us feel depressed.

So here are some solution that I tried on myself and got rid of my depression

Dress up pretty!

Wear your cocktail dress, just like that & look fancy when you are working. You will feel more like a lady

Check this article, what you wear affect your state of mind and increase your productivity. So wear your best dress!

Make your hair!

Thake the damn curly iron and do your hair or even better give yourself Amy’s look. Make yourself pretty before you start working. I believe that you need to be always ready to get out from your house in last 5 minutes and look perfect. It is a secret to success.

Go To The Gym

Yes girl, get your ass up and go work these glutes out :). Working out before work will feel your energy levels to the max which will help you to work straight for 6 hours without a break. Working out in the morning magically revs up your metabolism as well. Check this article to see how working out will affect your body and mind.

For me,  an hour jogging before work clears my mind and I find it easy to concentrate on things that matter.


This small little things will boost your confidence. If you have any useful suggestions, I will be happy to hear theme out. Comment bellow