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I’ve recently moved it to a new apartment with a great sea view and now I am face to face with some serious issues – how to arrange my living room.

First, there are furniture everywhere – furniture I do not need.  Funny thing that, at the same time my parents moved to a new place as well, imagine the chaos.

My mom managed to “present” me her furniture  so I end up with three couches one lounge chair that I do not know what to do ( sorry mom, I hope you will not read it and if you are – I love you so much)

And here I am, in a small living room with 3 coffee tables (don’t ask), 3 couches and one office table, searching Pinterest for a solution how to get out of this mess.

Found and article “How To Efficiently Arrange The Furniture In ASmall Living room”, by looking at the pictures, please tell me, is this looks small to you? Seriously?

What to do now?

I am close to a decision to sell everything, although I am sure no one will buy it.​​ There is an impression that woman are the best in arranging spaces, well we are not, we are really not that good. Except from Martha Stewart, of course. 

I was torturing myself for a week, moving everything around and still my living room didn’t felt like home and then my boyfriend came to the rescue.

Within 15 minutes, he moved every single thing to a new place and even create a free space! Can you imaging that?

It is much better now, and yes, I am still not satisfied. I want to rid of my furniture, buy new curtains from to the floor up to the ceiling and the most important thing of all I want a pole…

Yes I do want a dancing pole in my living room, this is my little dirty secret that I’ve been judged for and I’m sharing it with you. Shhhhhhh….!

What is your idea of a perfect living room? Perfect living room for small spaces, don’t share photos from amazing castles! 

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