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  • I've recently moved it to a new apartment with a great sea view and now I am face to face with some serious issues - how to arrange my living room.First, there are furniture everywhere - furniture I do not need.  Funny thing that, at the same time my parents moved to a new place as well, imagine the chaos.My mom managed to "present" me her furniture  so I end up with three couches one lounge chair that I do not know what to do ( sorry mom, I hope you will not read it and if you are - I love you so much)And here I am, in a small living room with 3 coffee tables (don't ask), 3 couches and one office

  • Vienna Part 2 I had a chance to visit a water park when I was last time in Vienna. Very awesome place!  My friend Ari didn't want to come with me (lazy bastard :P). So I went alone and had like an hour, didn't have much time to enjoy it. I #blameAri for that.

  • As of today WordPress powers, 25% of all websites globally and even several of the most popular news sites are hosted on WordPress. The main reason for WordPress popularity is its simple interface and limitless customization using themes, plugins or writing your own code. Even if you are not a developer you can find plenty of great WordPress tutorials that will help you to build complex web solutions with ease.  Each month I will be posting a collection of best WordPress themes.These are one of the best WordPress photography themes but not the only ones since there are thousands of WordPress theme developers and millions of themes available. Oshine Oshine is a beautiful creative multi-layout, multi-purpose WordPress portfolio theme with 23