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  • I am an art lover, and this exceptional l piece of art I liked a lot. The truth of life is reflected in this animation clip. It got me thinking that we all trapped in the same circle of life, chasing happiness. Please spare 4 minutes and check the story of a rodent's unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment. Directed and animated by Steve Cutts. Check more information about the artist

  • This is not a WordPress related article. Wordpress has some amazing plugins that will optimize the CSS for you. Still, there are cases were installing WordPress site for a client is not beneficial. If the site's requirements is from one to few pages, with static content, the best choice is to build a simple HTML template. Let's look at at the case of Slide To The Side, it is simple HTML page I made for a friend of mine. After running PageSpeed Insights, the results for Desktop are 91 out of 100, which is quite a good result, but it can be improved. Our current goal is to inline and optimizes CSS on this site. There is only one CSS file style.css on the site,

  • A must-use plugin (also called a ‘mu-plugin’) is a plugin that will always be activated by default, without you needing to do it yourself. To activate a mu-plugin, you just have to upload it in the right directory, and WordPress will automatically know that this plugin must be used. Moreover, a mu-plugin cannot be deactivated: it will always be executed, unless it is uninstalled. Originally, mu-plugins were only available for WPMU, for those sites which used multiple (multisite) blogs. Back then, a mu-plugin was just a plugin activated for all blogs. Fun fact, that the WordPress is loading mu-plugins in alphabetical order, before normal plugins. All mu-plugins must be placed at wp-content/mu-plugins by default, in case /mu-plugins/ folder is not there, feel

  • Admit it, girl, working from home is a blessing for us women. Working from home is both awesome and horrible. The awesome staff is a flexible schedule the bad thing is that sometimes we relax for a long period, doesn't change our pajamas and don't care about taking a shower since we are not going anywhere. Being like that for some period make us feel depressed. So here are some solution that I tried on myself and got rid of my depression Dress up pretty! Wear your cocktail dress, just like that & look fancy when you are working. You will feel more like a lady Check this article, what you wear affect your state of mind and increase your productivity.