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  • WordPress by default compresses and optimizes images for web-use. Usually, the max width and height in WordPress Media settings do not exceed 1024 px. What happens if the dimensions are greater than 1024px? After testing for page speed with PageSpeed Insights, recommendation to re-size the website's images. This could affect the site's page ranking in Google, especially when you are you running a multi-author site. It's difficult to monitor images uploaded by other users. Also, large image files may be slowing down your site without you even knowing it.   To scale the image dimensions, you can try the following plugins   Imsanity The plugin automatically scales the images upon upload. You can bulk resize images or select to resize one image at the time.   WP

  • Whenever creating or altering a WordPress page or blog post, you can add images with the WordPress Media Uploader. The Media menu can be used to manage your current media, like images, PDFs, video and audio files. Check out this short video: